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Fueled by Coffee and Creatitivity

Welcome to my home on the web. My name is Season Hurd and I am a photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. I specialize in storytelling photography and seek people with great stories to share. From weddings and births to simple lifestyle sessions in your home, all moments captured are a reflection of your life to be cherished. By asking a photographer to record your memories, you are allowing them to bear witness to your most emotional moments and trusting them to tell your story to the world. That is both a great honor and a special responsibility. Thank you for considering me to help you with this all-important task. Please look around my site and see if my style aligns with your vision.  I’d love to help you tell your story!

At this stage of both my life and photography evolution, I am in love with all things baby. My entire life changed when my son came into the world and the addition of my daughter has been just as influential. The only reason I’m here today is because of the choice to leave everything behind and be home with them…and my camera. Maternity photography, birth photography, adoption photography, newborn photography, and newborn lifestyle photography make my heart go pitter-pat. To me there is nothing more special or life-altering than the process of becoming a family.

However, before there were babies in my life, there were weddings. I loved planning my own wedding so much that I created a blog for Colorado couples. For 5+ years I lived and breathed weddings. Every place I went, every meal I ate, and everything item I saw in a store (or on the side of the road frankly) provoked the thought, “How can that be used for a wedding?” Nowadays I’m also inclined to say, “Can I fit a baby in that?” But a big piece of my heart belongs still to weddings and the phenomenal people I have met through the Colorado wedding scene. Years of pouring over albums from local wedding photographers certainly pushed me to this point and helped me know my style before I ever hit the ground. I would love to be your Colorado engagement and wedding photographer!

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